National Order of Geeks and Nerds

N.O.G.N is currently a bunch of guys whose mothers allowed them to take apart things.  For example: AM/FM radios, telephones, plumbing fixtures, lawn mowers, clocks, pretty much anything mechanical or electrical.  We have all been shocked by 110v or more.  We are scientists, engineers, union labors, teachers, government employees, radio personalities, and students.  We love all things scientific.  We all could survive in the mountains with just a leatherman tool.  We are the folks who work back stage in the darkness, you might think of us like trolls, elves, or gremlins.  We get the work done, and you might never see us.  We work a honest day and relax just as hard.

People that might be in NOGN

Albert Einstein

Steve Wozniak

Richard Feynman

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